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PVDF membrane filter
Antibiotic-Antimycotic Solution
Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)
GROW Hybridoma supplement
Superb MB2 Presteined protein marker (10-245 kDa)
Superb MB1 Presteined Protein ladder V (10-180kDa)
100bp DNA ladder (100 bp - 3,000 bp)
1.5M Tris-HCl, pH 8.8
His-Tag Buffer Starter Pack 2
His-Tag Buffer Starter Pack 1
Spectinomycin Dihydrochloride 100 mg/mL Solution
Spectinomycin Dihydrochloride
Imidazole Solution pH 6.0
5X Phosphate Buffer pH 8
5-Fluoroorotic acid (5-FOA)
6X Histidine Protein Elution Buffer
D-Luciferin, Sodium Salt (Proven and PublishedTM)
D-Luciferin, Potassium Salt (Proven and PublishedTM)